Carpet Care

All Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate

Non rinse, non perfume sanitiser.Ideal for use in food processing areas, soaking cutlery, bench tops.....

Car Wash & Wax

A special blend of mild detergents and wax togive a lustre finish and water repellency.Neutral pH th.....

Carpet Fresh Deodoriser Powder

An excellent powdered deodoriser cleaner for all carpets.Lavender fragrance powder......

Carpet Shampoo Extract

Blend of low foaming surfactants and water miscible solvents.Can be used with extraction machines to.....

Deepclean Excel - 5L

New professional low foaming carpet cleaning pre-spray & spotter with wetting agents and solubil.....

Deepclean Lavender

Concentrated low foaming formula for the professional carpet cleaning industry as a pre-spray and sp.....

Foam Breaker

Silicone based defoamer specially formulated to cover extraction tank from foaming, breaks foam in s.....

Handy Pumice Hand Cleaner

Powerful hand cleanser.Contains natural citrus, moisturisers and grits.Removes grease, oil, paint an.....

Iceberg 1 and 2 Beer Line Cleaner

Box of 10 x 1L Iceberg – 1 Detergent and 10 x 250ml Iceberg – 2 Sanitiser.Ready to use.....

Iceberg 1 Beer Line Cleaner

A premium quality low temperature Beer Line Cleaner capable of removing and preventing heavy contami.....

Iceberg 2 Beer Line Sanitiser

A premium quality low temperature Beer Line Sanitiser, to be used after using Iceberg 1 to sanitise .....

Iceberg Twins

Box of 2 x 5L of Iceberg – 1 detergent and 1 x 2.5L of Iceberg – 2 Sanitiser, ready to use......

Oxygen Bleach Destainer Powder

Oxygen based cleaning and bleaching of stains upon addition of water.Safe on all colours......

Quick Break Solvent Degreaser

Heavy hydrocarbon degreasers and selected surfactants.Guaranteed emulsion break up within 20 minutes.....

Top Cellar Cleaner-Sanitiser

Excellent degreaser and sanitiser for cellar floors and walls.Safe to use in beverages and food prep.....

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